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Field of Dreams (1989)

If you build it, he will come.

— The Voice

This is the last movie that I saw before my burnout happened over two months, the guy tear-jerker Field of Dreams. There is an unwritten rule that if you are a man and you don’t cry at the end of, you have no soul. That is true. Every boy wants to have one game of catch with their fathers once in their lifetime. Based on the novel, “Shoeless Joe”, it was nominated for three Oscars including Best Picture, Adapted Screenplay and Original Score.

A farmer from Iowa named Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) is walking through his field when he hears a disembodied saying, “If you built it, he will come.” He hears the same phrase repeatedly, but he is the only one that hears it. He confesses to his wife, Annie (Amy Madigan) about the phrase that he keeps on hearing. She thinks that maybe it was God talking to him or maybe he is going off the deep end.

Ray randomly questions the townspeople about the meaning of the phrase until he realizes that he has to build a baseball diamond in his cornfield. He thinks that this action would bring a childhood hero, Shoeless Joe Jackson, back so he could play one last game. Ray thinks that he is turning into his father (Dwier Brown), a man who played it safe during his life and never took chances.

Ray decided to plow him field, much to the chagrin of the people in the town who think that Ray is bonkers  and would lose his farm. He spends his life savings building the diamond, waiting for something to happen. Months go by with no response until there is a man walking in the diamond. It is Shoeless Joe Jackson (Ray Liotta). They play a mini game of baseball. When they are done playing, Ray and Joe realize that Joe cannot step foot outside of the diamond. Joe disappears into the cornfield.

Ray’s brother, Mark (Timothy Busfield) thinks that Ray is crazy to think that he could afford the farm when he wiped out most of his crop. The bank is threatening to take away the home. The NY Yankees team from the 1919 World Series come to play ball in the field. Ray, Annie and their daughter, Karin (Gaby Hoffmann) can see them, but Mark cannot.

Ray has enough to deal with when the voice tells him to “ease his pain”. He thought he meant the radical novelist turned social recluse, Terrance Mann (James Earl Jones). He tries to kidnap him to take him to a ball game where he didn’t have the opportunity to do when his father.

I might have remembered the movie differently, because I didn’t get the same feeling with movie like I did when I was younger. I bawled at the end of the movie, but I had a heartwarming feeling by this last viewing. Hmm… I guess, the magic of the film is gone.

Judgment: It’s still a fun ride, but its lost its luster.

Rating: 7/10

Youth In Revolt (2010)

I’m not going anywhere until you sink your filthy dick in this tomato.

— Nick Twisp and François Dillinger

Everyone knows that I have my hang-ups with Michael Cera and his shtick of not stretching his acting muscles in any direction. He is basically playing himself in every movie that he is in, but his latest film Youth in Revolt could finally be something different for him to do. This movie has been getting rave reviews from the critics and the audiences think that it is a piece of shit. My assessment is that I side more with the audiences.

Based on the series of books by C.D. Payne, Michael Cera plays another dorky sixteen-year-old — what a surprise — named Nick Twisp who believes that he is born in the wrong time. He adores with work of Kurosawa and enjoys the music of Frank Sinatra. You know where this is going. He is a virgin — double surprise — that want to lose his virginity as soon as possible.

He is living with his trailer trash mother, Estelle (Jean Smart) and the latest victim in her vagina turnstile is Jerry (Zach Galifianakis), who gets local sailors pissed off about a jalopy that he had sold to them. The family unit decides to go on vacation to Yokia (sp?) to the house of a friend of Jerry’s. Turns out that the vacation house is actually a grimy double wide trailer.

One day, Nick meets a beautiful nubile girl named Shenni Saunders (Portia Doubleday) who shares the same taste in music and movies. It’s kismet, but she has a “boyfriend” named Trent (Jonathan Bradford Wright). I put that in quotations marks because it’s not clear that is actually with him or Trent’s a big homo.

Nick falls hard for Sheeni and wants her to be “the one.” She teases him by flirting, kissing and making out with him, but she withholds herself because of her strict Christian upbringing with her inexplicably elderly parents (M. Emmet Walsh, Mary Kay Place). She drops the hint that she likes bad boy and that her husband would be named “François.”

Nick decides to create an alter-ego named François Dillinger that is like Nick, but has blue eyes, a horrible teenage mustache and dresses like a bad guy from Miami Vice. The alter-ego was so ridiculous. Nick as François begins to terrorize his hometown of Berkeley to get into the pants of Sheeni.

Was this film supposed to be a comedy? I did not laugh once at this movie. A slight chuckle peppered here and there. Michael Cera is in his twenties, stop playing loser teenagers. It’s getting old. Take a role as a fucking serial killer. Something! I was so bored with this movie that I wanted to be a pyromaniac. Burn the fucking screen down!

Judgment: Don’t bother with this movie.

Rating: *1/2

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