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The Lady Vanishes (1938)


I’m about as popular as a dose of strychnine.

— Gilbert

On Hulu, Alfred Hitchcock’s lesser known film, The Lady Vanishes is currently #200 on the Top 250 of All Time on IMDB. Movies like The Forgotten and Flightplan borrowed some elements from this movie. It was suspenseful to say the least, but not enough to immerse me into the experience.

The action mainly takes place on a train when a elderly woman, Miss Froy (Dame May Whitty) befriends a young heiress, Iris Henderson (Margaret Lockwood) who is getting married soon.

Iris falls asleep and the woman disappears. Everybody on the train claims that Miss Froy didn’t exist, because of an incident that happened when she had an object hit her in the head.

The obnoxious photographer, Gilbert (Michael Redgrave) tags along with her to try to figure out if Miss Froy existed or not.

The first twenty minutes of the movies was all over the place with the tone. The acting was not consistent. The central mystery of the film was the best part of it, but the resolution of it was not satisfying. The explanation didn’t make sense.

You could see the seeds of Hitchcockian methods on screen with the shadows, the composition, the perfect use of music.

Judgment: It was nothing special about the film. It was middle of the road.

Rating: ***

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