Monsieur Ibrahim (2004)

A man’s heart is like a caged bird. When you dance, your heart sings… and then rises to heaven.

— Monsieur Ibrahim

After the utter disappointment of Doctor Zhivago, I wanted to watch one of Omar Sharif’s recent flicks. I picked up Monsieur Ibrahim thinking that it couldn’t get any worse that the three-hour monstrosity that I just saw. I knew that it was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film. I was surprised that I enjoyed the movie, very much.

Living in poor neighborhood in Paris, a young Jewish boy named Moses (Pierre Boulanger) is trying to find his way in the world. He thinks that it is chasing the local prostitutes would make him a man when he turned sixteen. He is living with his father (Gilbert Melki) that is very hard on him. The father compares Momo as he is nicknamed to his older brother, like he is not good enough of a child. The mother is noticeably absent in his life.

Momo buys the daily groceries to cook for the two them across the street at the conveience store of Monsieur Ibrahim Deneji (Omar Sharif). Sometimes he does shoplift a couple of items because they have that much money to spend on food. Momo thinks that Monsieur thinks that he is slick about his pilfering, but Monsieur Ibrahim is a wise man who knows everything.

Monsieur Ibrahim and Momo begin to have a close friendship. Momo becomes a surrogate son to him when Momo’s father abandons him and he has to fend for himself. Their lives are forever changed as they grow a common bond with each other. Momo teaches Ibrahim how to be young again and Ibrahim teaches Momo about life and the meaning of it.

This movie is very imitate in its storytelling that I wanted to get to know the characters more. I wanted to have a Ibrahim in my life to teach me the ways of the world and how to go about it.

Judgment: This movie will make have a deep appreciation for the older people in your lives.

Rating: 8/10


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