If you could have one movie to be destroyed, what would it be?

The Brown Bunny. It’s not even a movie! It’s just an excuse to get Chloe Sevigny to blow you on camera.

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  1. There are several movies I would like to burn badly. The Bonfire of Vanities and Ishtar started my list follow by a catastrophe as Ichton. Hell must be the place where movies like Maximum Overdrive and Alien Resurrection must be lying down… or upside down. Burn Hollywood Burn… the movie and the place for the pretentious to offer garbage in exchange of high priced ticket. Burn the Momma’s films and burn Norbit.

  2. National Security.

  3. Inchon was a movie in the mid 80’s starring Sir Laurence Olivier (I think is one of his last films) about a the invasion of Inchon in the Korean War. I called it Inchton because the movie is so annoying… a good excuse to be in bad mood for investing in a piece of garbage. I am glad that the cost of ticket were lower comparing to now because Inchon is an assault to your wallet.

  4. The Ugly Truth.
    Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes.
    as Dan says, anything with Martin Lawrence.

  5. The Ugly Truth is godawful, vulgar, replusive and unnecessary. (Read my review of it.) I have not seen all of the remake of Planet of the Apes.

    If Dan is talking about Big Momma’s House, yes. I have a thing for “Bad Boys”. I like it.

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