The LAMB Devours the Oscars – Best Live Action Short Film

First of all, I would like to thank Jess from Insight Entertainment for the opportunity to write about the recent Oscar nominees. As everyone may know that the public will never see the five nominees for Best Live Action Short Film unless you find it on YouTube. Good luck searching. I am here to give you the inside scoop so you could win the company Oscar pool. You can thank me later.

The first nominee is the 15-minute Irish film, “The Crush” by first-time writer/director Michael Creagh. It tells the story of an eight-year-old boy who has an unhealthy infatuation to her teacher. To prove his love to her, he challenges her boyfriend to a duel to the death. The film was awarded Best Irish short at the Kerry Film Festival.

The next film is the 26-minute Estonian film by Tanel Toom, “The Confession” (Pihtimus), which tells the story of Sam, a reserved boy who is afraid of his confession. He is pure of heart and has no sins to confesses. With the help of his friend, Jacob try to have a reason to confess when tragedy strikes.

The third nominee is the 18-minute short, “God of Love” from director, Luke Mathney. It tells the story of a lovesick lounge singer/darts champion, Raymond Goodfellow who finds a package of love-inducing darts. He thinks his prayers are answered so he could get Kelly, the drummer in his band to fall for him. The problem is that she is already in relationship with his best friend, Fozzie, the guitarist in his band. He tries to get rid of the love triangle, but he learns a valuable lessons about unrequited love and his place in the universe.

The fourth nominee is the 19-minute Belgian film, “Na Wewe”, which means “You Too” in Burundi. It was directed by Ivan Goldschmidt that takes place in Kurundi circa 1994. In the middle of the civil war between the Hutus and Tutsis, a bus is overtaken by a band of rebels. During the chaos, everybody is uneasy about who is Hutu and Tutsi. Is the person next to you a friend or a foe?

The last nominee is the 24-minute film by Ian Barnes called “Wish 143.” It tells the story of a boy that has a terminal disease who wants to come of age before his time runs out.

I hope that you would find this post helpful for your company’s Oscar pool. I would place my bet on the “The Confession.” Anything that ends in tragedy is going to win. I don’t believe that “God of Love” or “Na Wewe” is going to win. I wouldn’t count out “The Crush” or “Wish 143.”

Good luck to all the nominees on Oscar night.


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