FB Rant: Oscar Producers, Wake Up!


The follow rant will contain some coarse language that is directed to the producers of the upcoming Academy Awards telecast. Don’t let the kiddies read any further.

Upon hearing the news that Oscar producers Bruce Cohen and Don Mischer chose James Franco and Anne Hathaway as the hosts for the  Academy Awards in February, I was thinking, “Are you serious?” Ladies and gentlemen, your hosts for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards… say what? I’m sorry. I love James and Anne in different ways, but I’m not sold on the concept.

The blogosphere is up in arms about the announcement of the younger hosts for this year’s telecast. Straying away from the established comedians like Jon Stewart, Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Rock or respected actors like Whoopi Goldberg and Bob Hope. I need to chime in with my two cents on the supposed “controversy”.

Everybody knows that the real reason the producers choose Franco and Hathaway because of publicity on both sides. The producers need viewers to watch this stuffy, chi-chi-frou-frou award ceremony.The Academy is an octogenarian now. It has an established history of thumbing their nose at other award shows. Now, the producers wants to make the show like Mtv Movie Awards. It’s not gonna fly. No matter how many configurations that you put through, it’s not gonna work. It has fallen off the rails for a long time now. The shows need a complete overhaul.

This hosting choice is great publicity for the new younger hosts, because Franco is trying desperately to promote his Oscar baity movie, 127 Hours which is barely playing anywhere and Hathaway has a movie that is tanking at the box office now, Love & Other Drugs. I also posed this question to the members of my Oscar Watchers group about if James Franco is nominated for 127 Hours would that be favoritism towards him. It reminds me of when Hugh Jackman hosted the 2004 Tonys when he was nominated for The Boy from Oz and he won. The same thing happened on the 2001 Tonys when Nathan Lane hosted and won the Tony at the end of the night. Hmm… I may be reaching, but it’s a thought.

Changing the rules every year is getting very tiring like with last year with expanding the Best Picture to ten yielded The Blind Side going up against District 9, Up and The Hurt Locker. It was a hot ass mess! What happened to the streamlining of the award show like in 2009? It made it worth watching. No really. What the hell happened?

The Oscars going for a younger audience is not gonna fly. The average 18-30 demographic will not watch the Oscars unless they are a cinephile or gay. That’s it. If the Oscars were like the The Spirit Awards, everybody and their mommas would watch it. That’s it! It needs to be looser, casual, less stuffy with lots of F bombs. Are you listening Oscar producers? I hope you are.

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  1. Ahaha exactly, the Academy can try to go “young” but at the end of the days, it will still be a doozer of a ceremony that the younger crowd they are trying to attract won’t give a damn about.

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