Knight and Day (2010)

Someday. That’s a dangerous word. It’s really just a code for “never”.

— Roy Miller

After the miasma that was Vanilla Sky, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz reteam for their latest effort Knight and Day. First of all, I hated that the studio changed the title from “Wichita” on the original script to this. It’s so plain. Looking at the promos for this movie, I was unimpressed with it, but people seem to be digging this movie. What the hell! Give it a try. Take a gamble. You know what I rolled snake eyes.

This action flick starts with Roy Miller (Cruise); a FBI agent is going to Boston for a little R&R when his flight is delayed. He continues bumping into a random woman, June (Diaz) who is going on the same flight. When they are about to board the flight, she is told by the ticket taker that the flight was full. Roy goes on the flight.

Meanwhile, another agent, Fitzgerald (Peter Sarsgaard) is watching Miller’s actions with June with Director George (Viola Davis) try to keep tabs on Miller from their headquarters. They have reason to believe that Miller has gone rogue, because he has been displaying erratic behavior of late.

At the last moment, June is let on the plane, which is strangely not full. This realization goes over June’s head who thinks it was the carelessness of the airline. Roy, on the other hand, knows better. The flight is plagued with massive turbulence that leas June to spill his drink on herself. When she excuses herself to go to the bathroom, Roy takes on the other passengers who turn out of the assassins.

June coming back to see the plane full of dead people, she panics. Roy flies the plane into a cornfield where Roy drugs her. Before she loses consciousness, Roy quickly explains to her that if anybody from the FBI come looking for her, she doesn’t know Roy.

The next day, June wakes up in her house in Boston where she thinks that everything was a dream, but Roy leaves post-it notes for her around her house. As expected, Fitzgerald comes to talk to June about her relationship with Miller. He tells her about the fact that Roy is losing his marbles and should stay away from him.

For her safety, she is transported to a safe house where the convoy is under attack by a mystery shooter. Turns out to be Roy. June runs for her life thinking that he would come after her. She seeks shelter in a firehouse where her ex-boyfriend, Rodney (Marc Blucas) is at. Over lunch, she tries to explain to him about the past 24 hours. He doesn’t believe her until Roy comes in to take her away. They go on a ridiculous adventure that tests loyalties.

This movie started out like a bumbling romantic comedy then you have to throw some guns and preposterous action sequences to keep the audience intrigued. Actually, I got kinda bored with it. How many times does June need to be drugged in this movie? I’m surprised she didn’t have permanent brain damage.

The MacGuffin of this film was so asinine that I fathom why anyone would give two shits about it in the first place. I understand that the toy knight had to be symbolic of something in his past. When that was revealed, I went with a resounding, “Duh!”

The movie was supposed to keep you guessing about whom to trust Miller or the FBI, but I didn’t buy it for a second. It was going to end up the same way. It is just another throwaway movie that could have been great if it wasn’t handled so poorly.

Judgment: I wish that someone would chloroform me to forget this movie.

Rating: **


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  1. Ouch! I was sort of looking forward to this movie on DVD as it did look somewhat entertaining although I am getting quite tired of Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise playing those characters for the 55th time in a movie we have all seen 20 times. No wonder, it was a mild bust at the box office…

    • It’s the kind of movie that you would happen upon on the TV while flipping channels. It’s okay in that aspect. Other than that, it was a bore.

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