More Trailers, People

Trailer have come out of the woodwork lately. First, everybody was wondering about Michel Gondry’s stance on “The Green Hornet” will be. We got our answer in the first trailer for the flick that has been pushed back to January 2011 to convert it into 3D. Holy shit! This movie is going to bomb big time.

Judging by the trailer it looks like a fun ride with Seth Rogen as the titular character, Jay Chou as his sidekick Kato, Cameron Diaz as the love interest Lenore, Tom Wikinson as Jack Reid and Christoph Waltz as the bad guy, Chudnofsky. It also stars Edward Furlong and  Edward James Olmos.

There is another trailer for the documentary about former football player turned soldier, Pat Tillam called “Tehe Tillman Story.”

It recounts the circumstances from the attacks on 9/11, his decision to join the military, his subsequent death that made national headlines, him being branded a hero. But the story doesn’t stop there. His family was not convinced about the circumstances of his death. They investigate to discover a military cover-up about the day he died. The movie is set for release August 20th.

BONUS: After posting this entry, a red band trailer for the upcoming “Predators” movie coming out July 9th. This trailer is spoilerish about certain plot points.

Have a look if you dare?


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  1. I was expecting something different from the Green Hornet trailer.

  2. The Green Hornet will basically be Iron Man, if he was a stoner. In other words, I so cannot wait to this!!

    • You are probably the only person looking forward to this movie. The guys talk about it on the next episode of the LAMBcast.

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