Sex and the City 2 (2010)

Aah! It’s so good to see a new movie and review it for you guys. I missed so many movies that I probably have to catch them on DVD or at the dollar theater. To get my back into the groove of reviewing movies again, I wanted to revisit those four girls from NYC, Sex and the City 2. I don’t know if you know this, but I owned the complete series box set. I watched the first movie when it premiered two years ago, I thought it was a little bloated and it tried to hard to be serious. It wasn’t like the TV show, but this new movie did not disappoint me.

Taking place two years after the first film, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte (Kirsten Davis) and Samantha (Kim Cattrall) come together again to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of the only people in this universe, Stanford Blatch (Willie Garson) and Anthony Marantino (Mario Cantone).

Hold the phone – SATC geek out moment – those familiar with show knows that Stanford and Anthony hated each other for a long time. They were bitchy and catty towards each other throughout the series. Besides, Stanford was with that gorgeous chorus boy, Marcus for a long time. What the hell happened to him? I want some answers, Michael Patrick King! Okay, I’m done.

Back the gay wedding extravaganza, Stanford was let loose in having a huge soiree with a gay men’s choir singing standards or having Liza Minnelli – did I hear the gay gasp? Yes, Liza freakin’ Minnelli officiating the wedding and singing Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” afterwards. Yes! Rejoice, people.

Carrie is uncomfortable with the monotony of matrimony with Mr. Big (Chris Noth) who wants to stay home, order takeout and watching black and white movies in their bedroom. She wants to act like her single self. Charlotte becomes frustrated with being a mother especially since her daughter, Rose enters the terrible twos. She also has to deal with the babysitter that refuses to wear a bra; Erin (Alice Eve) could get the affections of her husband, Harry (Evan Handler). Miranda is having trouble with a senior partner at her firm, Tom (Ron White) and wants to quit. Samantha is trying to avoid menopause by heeding the words of Suzann Somers by taking almost fifty pills a day and rubbing cream on naughty parts of her body.

Samantha’s ex-fuck buddy, Smith Jerrod (Jason Lewis) contacts her about being his date – as his publicist – to the red carpet première of his new war movie, Heart of the Desert. After the première, Samantha is invited by the film’s producers, Sheik Khalid (Art Malik) and Malmud (Dhaffer L’Abidine) to visit Abu Dhabi, where the film was shot. Samantha wants to take the girls for a lavish vacation. When they do, hijinks ensue as relationships and friendships are tested.

Look, this movie is eye candy. That’s all it is. You flock to the theater to watch fabulous women wearing outrageous clothes drinking Cosmos and screwing hot guys. What more do you want? Will it win Academy Awards? Of course not. It’s not fluffy fan service movie. I don’t care if there are sixteen sequels, I will watch them all with bated breath.

Judgment: It’s a nice romp of movie that will make you giddy with excitement.

Rating: ***1/2


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  1. Yes, well…glad you’re back, anyway.

    • Hey, I wanted to see a fluffy romp of a movie. That’s what I got. I have no qualms about liking this movie while others bash it.

  2. Amen! You captured our thoughts completely. Those that hated it so much seem to have missed the point 🙂

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