“The Expendables” Trailer

The more footage that I see about “The Expendables”, the more I am pumped to see this movie. Stallone wanted it to be a good B movie. It’s looks too good to a B movie. You never know.

It opens in August.

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  1. Destined to be the greatest B movie ever or what!? Love the trailer 🙂

  2. Well he knew what he wanted and aced the casting.

  3. Bullocks! Of the three upcoming mercenary movies, this one looks the weakest. Seems to be following the inverse ratio of amount of talent to quality of entertainment, like Valentine’s Day (if you call that talent).

    • Oh, shiz. I forgot to compare this one to The A-Team and The Losers.

      • I think people saw the morbid cameraderie in Wolverine between the Wolvie’s squad of superpowered baddies and thought that it was about time was finally right to unleash a bundle mercenary flicks on the public. Still too close to tell whether I’ll like The Losers or The A-Team better. Will Quentin Jackson ruin The A-Team? Or will Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Idris Elba fail to create the buddy chemistry in The Losers? Either way, The Losers has the edge with Zoe Saldana over The A-Team’s Jessica Biel any day.

      • I must say, after watching all 3 trailers. They all look terribly the same. Lots of macho bravado, gunfire, explosions and one good looking chick to complete the package.

      • Yeah, I agree. All 3 of them look quite interchangeable. I’ll probably end up seeing none of them as a result.

  4. lol cool info man.

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