Humpday (2009)

Humpday was a movie that was featured at 2009 Sundance Film Festival and received good buzz from it. I heard the premise of the movie and it was interesting to me, which I will explain in my review. I did not come near me during last year. This movie crept in the top ten movies of year lists with the hosts of Filmspotting. This movie is described as a “mumblecore” film. I have not idea what the fuck that means. On the surface it’s a bromance gone way too far, but it’s a story about finding kinship with other person.

A young married Seattle couple is awakened at the middle of the night by a knock on their door. Ben (Mark Duplass) finds out it’s his old friend, Andrew (Joshua Leonard) came back to town after spending time in Mexico City after their college days. Ben’s wife, Anna (Alycia Delmore) doesn’t like the friend barging into their lives. They are still in the honeymoon phase, deciding whether to start a family or not.

Later on that day, Andrew meets a lesbian, more “pansexual” couple, Monica and Lily (Lynn Shelton, Tricia Williard). Andrew is into Monica. They invite him to their house to hang out. Andrew invites Ben to hang out with the gang. The trouble is that Anna wanted to cook dinner for the three of them so they could get to know each other. Straight-laced Ben tries to fit in with the bohemian crowd. The two of them forget the plans when they get drunk and stoned.

During the festivities, the conversation shifts to an amateur porn festival called “Humpfest”. It’s where a person makes a porn, it is screened for a bunch of people and it is quickly destroyed afterwards. Andrew is content on making one. Ben calls bullshit on Andrew’s plans to make an “artistic erotic art” film. Ben has an idea of doing something completely different and unexpected. Andrews think he should have Ben co-star in the porn with him. It’s two straight guys having sex with each other on camera that Sunday, which is two days away. No big deal.

The next morning, Anna is pissed at them, more at Ben for blowing her off. Ben recounts that the evening was his time to unwind and that he should be allowed that liberty once in awhile. She kinda understands, but she is still mad at him.

During a one-on-one basketball game, the tension between the best friends comes to a head. Getting over their hangover, they talk about their little project they were drunk. They have weirdness between them. They convinced themselves that they are making art, instead of testing each other’s limits. A major hurdle is telling Anna about their venture together.

2009 was the year of the bromantic comedy. This film took it to a completely new level of gay adjacent. This movie was more than two guys wanting to have a man on man consensual rape with each other. They actually wanted to get back the friendship that they lost all those years ago. It’s a bit refreshing.

I don’t get the motivations of Ben and Andrew. This person blows into town after “x” number of years and on whim you decide to have sex on film. Andrew confesses to Anna that he was mad at Ben for bailing on him after college. They were supposed to go on a global excursion together that didn’t happen. Now, they decide to bone each other. Is the director Lynn Shelton trying to break down conformity? Nobody could be 100% heterosexual or homosexual? Everybody should open themselves up to other possibilities?

Judgment: An interesting looks at male bonding taken to a different level.

Rating: ****


The boys are in the hotel having their diatribes about what to do and not to do. Ulitamtley, they end up doing it. Ben leaves to kiss ass with Anna, Andrew is left alone. He is pissed that nothing happens. Was Andrew upset that he couldn’t be close to Ben? Or was he upset that he was falling in love with Ben and he couldn’t do anything about it?


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  1. This movie made me squirm in my theatre seat. A lot. It was super well done, and the most interesting thing about it is that the writer/director was a woman. I still have yet to figure out what exactly she had to say.

    • I had the same reaction. I tried to wrap my head that Lynn Shelton wanted to create a movie about male bonding in a different way.

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