Kick-Ass: Red Band “Hit Girl” Teaser Trailer

Watching the teaser for the little assassin that put Gogo Yubari to shame, Hit Girl, gets her own teaser trailer. She is one of the “heroes” spotlighted in the big screen adaptation of the comic book, “Kick-Ass”. The movie comes out April 8, 2010. Put this on your must see list.


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  1. 24hourstomidnight

    I picked up the available issues of Kick-Ass… I think it’ll make a tidy movie. I wonder how for it’ll stray from the source material (not that it’s a big deal if it does).

  2. Still not sold on it, man. Not digging the kid who’s playing Kick-Ass, he talks and acts like a bitch. Great premise, don’t think it’s gonna work as well as it would in theory or in the source material. Gonna have to wait and see, I’ll probably still check it out anyway.

    • You never know, Aiden, maybe you’ll get something out of Kick-Ass getting his ass handed to him.

      • I think that’s the most important part about the character: That he does get his own ass kicked. I mean, that’s the reason the character winds up getting himself on Youtube in the first place. I’m thinking he’s supposed to be more smart-ass than anything, kind of like Spider-Man, only a lot more into the hitting people in the face part… I haven’t read the comics either, but they’re high on the list. I’ve got ’til April to read ’em anyway.

        I’m planning on having some guys from a local comic book shop on the radio to talk about this close to the release date – should be fun. The character really bridges the gap between the old school heroes and the modern fans who only really know them from the movies.

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