The Descent (2005)


I’m an English teacher, not fucking Tomb Raider.

— Beth

The Descent is a movie that I eagerly anticipated seeing, but haven’t had the chance until now. Having a female cast is something different that I thought I could get into. The movie as it turns out is not unique.

After a river rafting trip, a family gets into a car accident where the husband Paul (Oliver Milburn) and child Jessica (Molly Kayll) die, leaving the mother, Sarah (Shauna MacDonald) with survivor’s guilt.

A year later, Sarah’s best friend, Juno (Natalie Mendoza) arranges a trip to Chatooga National Park where they could walk the caverns. Along for the trip is Holly (Nora-Jane Noone), Beth (Alex Reid) and sisters, Becca and Sam (Saskia Mulder, Myanna Buring).

Juno coordinated the trip, but she is thrill seeker. When they all go out to explore the Boreham Caverns, Juno decides to leaves the booklet for the caverns behind in the care. Big mistake.

They descend into the caves and explore the vastness of them. Juno leads them into alternate passageways. It wasn’t until a cave in that the women realize that they are not in Boreham Caverns. They are in an unnamed cave that Juno wants to explore so she could name it after Sarah.

With no way out, the group tries to find a way to the surface. Along the way, Sarah keeps on hearing giggling noises in the distance. At first, it was thought to be an after effect of her PTSD, but something does not feel right. The women soon realize that they are disturbing the first inhabitants of the caves.

Watching the movie could be a chore. Nothing major happens to the girls until over halfway to the movie. I was thinking what the hell is taking so long. Watching it, you do feel claustrophobic with the tight squeezes of the tunnels. There were some inconsistencies that I have an issue with, but to discuss that will be in the spoiler section.

Judgment: A different configuration to the same basic plot.

Rating: ***


Okay when the girls realize that the cannibals are after them, Sam explained that they were blind. They adapted to be in the caves for so long.

There were a couple of instances that didn’t make sense to me. When the girls has their lights, flares, glow sticks on the creatures are attracted to them like moths to a flame.

But when Sarah has a torch lit the creatures didn’t come up to her.

When you’re blind, you senses would be heightened. When the sisters are together and they cut their lights off the reatures ignore them. Even though the cannibal was on top of them. Wouldn’t they be able to smell them out.


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  1. I totally loved this movie and it’s nothing like the kind of movies I usually get into. Marshall’s thorough character development and meticulous crafting of their relationships makes the craziness that happens later have a much greater impact. I was so glad I discovered this movie on my own, and found out after the fact that he directed Dog Soldiers as well. What were your thoughts on Doomsday?

  2. mcarteratthemovies

    This is one of the few movies that I literally had trouble walking out of, I was shaking so bad. It’s a very effective and very underrated horror film that I recommend to everyone.

    I hear there was a sequel recently, but I didn’t see it. I can’t imagine it could have added a single thing to the original.

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