Dying Breed (2008)


Dying Breed is an Australian film that I heard about from a Cinematical article about the controversial poster it had when it was released. From what I gathered with the rejected poster was that it had to deal with cannibals. I just wished that the cannibals would devour the producers of this film.

This movie centers around the folklore of Alexander Pierce (Peter Docker), the Irish convict who fed on human flesh to survive in the woods and his descendants.

Nina (Mirrah Foulkes) is a researcher that goes to the same Tasmanian woods where her older sister (Sally McDonald) disappeared eight years earlier. The sister tried to look for a rare Tasmanian tiger that was rumored to be extinct. Nina tries to resume her research.

Her doormat of a boyfriend, Matt (Leigh Whannell) comes along with her with his pompous older brother, Jack (Nathan Phillips) and his girlfriend, Rebecca (Melanie Vallejo).

The quartet goes to a podunk town near the Pieman River where the locals size them up. They creep out the girls and Jack wants to throw down when one of the local keyed his brand new pickup truck.

Nina is concerned that things are not what they seem when he has newspaper clippings about a couple of hikers disappeared from the area over the last years of recorded history in the area.

Going out into the woods, the four hikers realize that maybe it was a mistake to search for something that is not there.

I wasn’t terribly impressed with this movie. The performances were fine. I thought that Nathan Phillips annoyed me. I wanted him to die so much. The movie is typical. He does. I was happy. The only thing that I marginally like was the ending.

As a bonus, I will show you the rejected poster for this movie. I hope you haven’t had anything to eat yet.

Judgment: This movie will certainly leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Rating: **

poster.inddThis is the rejected poster for the movie that gives away a possible spoiler for the movie.


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