Blood: The Last Vampire (2009)


Blood: The Last Vampire was not on my radar when it premièred this summer in limited release. Now that I am in full swing of my “Creep-A-Thon”, I decided to check out this recent DVD release. In retrospect, this movie is not that good.

This movie is based on the anime series of the same name, the story revolves around a lone vampire hunter named Saya (Gianna) in 1970 Tokyo. Her only goal is to kill Onigen (Koyuki), a powerful vampire leader that killed her father when she was a child.

Her handler, Michael (Liam Cunningham) provides intel to her where vampire nests are at in the city, trying to flush Onigen out of hiding. Michael and his right hand man, Luke (JJ Feild) work with a secret organization called “The Council” to save humanity from the vampires.

Saya’s latest assignment is to infiltrate a military base, Kanto and enroll in the high school there. Gen. McKee (Larry Lamb) and Frank Nielsen (Andrew Plavin) meet the trio with resistance. They wanted to know there presence. They lied and said that they were with the CIA.

Saya sits in class with the general daughter, Alice (Allison Miller) where she is picked on for being a daddy’s little girl. During a kata class, two classmates, Sharon and Linda (Masiela Lusha, Ailish O’Connor) try to attack Alice. Saya comes in and saves her life when it is revealed that they were both vampires. Alice witnesses the girls being killed.

She goes to her father and there is a big commotion over the presence of the new people on the base. Alice follows her teacher, Mr. Powell (Colin Salmon) that almost set her up for her demise to a local bar where she finds out that it is filled with vampires. Once again, Saya comes to save the damsel in distress.

From that moment on, both girls have a price on them from the Council and Onigen traveling with her escort, Kato Takarora (Yasuki Kurata) that Saya had a run-in with years earlier.

This movie tries to be like a Japanese Kill Bill, but it’s not. Saya is no The Bride. The acting and dialogue is awful. The action sequences were somewhat cool, but the badly rendered CGI ruined most of them. The endless amounts of CG blood got on my nerves. The movie came from the same producers as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero. I was not impressed.

Judgment: If you want to see a vampire movie that is worse than Twilight, watch this movie.

Rating: *1/2


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  1. I don’t think I even got past the first 8 minutes of this movie. The anime pilot/movie/whatever was so totally cool – and sadly I guess it should have just been left like that. I have my fingers crossed that Dreamworks can at least adapt anime classic Ghost in the Shell properly.

    • I was surprised that I made it to the end. I guess, the CG black vamp blood kept me going.

      I wouldn’t hold my breath with that adaptation of Ghost in the Shell.

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