Zombieland (2009)


The first girl I let into my life and she tries to eat me.

— Columbus

As a birthday present to myself, I went to a matinee showing of Zombieland. I heard about this film from the editors of /Film and Collider, Peter Sciretta and Frosty when they have an on-set visit to this movie earlier this year. They were explaining some of the action set pieces. It piqued my interest. Watching this #135  film of All Time on IMDb, it was an entertaining ride that was a little typical.

Zombies overrun the world. It is the job of Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), the xenophobic lead character of our story to lay out his thirty-one rules. It’s a list that he has created to keep you alive in Zombieland.

Columbus meets up the with the expert zombie killing badass, Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) when he is making his trek to the city of Columbus to visit his estranged family. Tallahassee has his own rules like never knowing another human’s name and he must find America’s snack cake, a Twinkie.

They become a zombie killing duo when they are conned by a pair of sisters, Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) out of their weapons and Tallahassee’s Escalade that is emblazoned with the number “3”.

Their paths cross repeatedly as the four of them try not to kill each other instead of the zombies that are after their flesh. The quartet wants to find a place that is completely zombie free.

I enjoyed this movie. There were some genuine laughs in the movie, especially with a very special “fuck yeah” cameo that you have to see to believe. However, the movie suffers from being another cookie cutter with the convenient love story between Columbus and Wichita.

Jesse Eisenberg is starting to become like Michael Cera. He is doing the same deadpan straight man, dorky for their own good, when they hook up with the too hot for them girl. It’s wearing thin.

Judgment: A kick ass movie that should be enjoyed with a packed theater.

Rating: ****


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