Ultimate Avengers (2006)


You’re still a little man, Banner. Now, knock it off or I’m gonna squish you.

— Giant-Man

Being a big fan of superheroes, I wanted to get a taste of the Avengers universe. I rented Ultimate Avengers. The only thing I could say is that I hope The Avengers movie is a lot better than this.

The movie starts the origin of super soldier, Captain America (Justin Gross) when he tries to stop a nuclear missile made by the Nazis with alien technology. In the process, Capt is struck by the debris and is encapsulated in ice for over sixty years.

SHIELD director Gen. Nick Fury (Andre Wise) and Dr. Betty Ross (Nan McNamara) rescue him from the ice. Dr. Bruce Banner (Michael Massee) has been working tirelessly to replicate the super technology that made Captain the way he is today.

Everybody is under high alert when the dormant alien threat, the Chitauri, comes to wreak havoc on Earth defenses. Nick Fury tries to gather up the other members of the Avengers like Black Widow (Olivia D’Abo), Giant-Man (Nolan North), Wasp (Grey Delisle), Thor (Dave Boat), and Iron Man (Marc Worden) to help stop it.

The movie lacked any sense of danger for the characters. They weren’t in peril. You don’t go, “Oh, my god. They could die at any time.” You don’t get that feeling. It’s due to the lackluster plot. The characters were two-dimensional. Just another part of the team.

Judgment: This is a disappointment on every level.

Rating: **


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  1. No freakin’ kidding! This movie was such a disappointment on all fronts… except maybe Thor – I liked the concept of him as an environmental activist. Otherwise there was no real cohesion between anyone.

    This ought to serve as a reminder to Marvel: When it comes to the animated stuff, DC still rules the roost.

    BTW: The second one did try to up the danger ante, but still felt too silly. We just barely got to know the Avengers from the first film, why do we have to add some more characters into the mix?

    • I personally don’t want to see the sequel. I think that is the fatal flaw with these movies. Cramming too many characters into a movie just for fan service.

      It makes the movie’s quality suffer as a result.

      • The other thing I didn’t like about this version of The Avengers was that there was no rhyme or reason as to why these particular heroes were together in the first place. In the comic book version it was easy: They were pretty much all the heroes in the Marvel roster at the time. As for the present day, why the heck would they ask Wasp to join up with them? Why in God’s name would Captain America make a good choice to lead these people? I’m sure there are answers to these questions found in the comic books, but they should have been addressed in the movie too… Man, I’ve devoted too much thought to this DVD.

      • I think they are going to have a hard time with the movie in 2012. If it’s a coherent plot, great character development, I would be fine.

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