The Notorious Newman Brothers (2009)


The film the mafia wish never got made.

Yesterday, I received a screener in the mail from one of the makers of this film, The Notorious Newman Brothers, Brett Butler. It has been traveling around the festival circuit for a couple of months. This is the festival edition of the movie. This movie was pitched to me as This Is Spinal Tap meets The Sopranos. I can see that in this picture.

An inexperienced director named Max Chaplin (Ryan Noel) wants to make a documentary about the mafia. He seeks out anybody that responds to his ad to be a part of the movie. The well known mafiosos doesn’t want to be a part of the movie. They urge Max to not pursue it further. Until he recived a response to his ad.

The Newman brothers, Thunderclap and Paulie, played by real life brothers Brett and Jason Butler are lower end of the totem pole in the mafia. They are petty criminals that wanted to get their names out there and have more clout with the other members of the mob.

Max realizes that he is getting himself in too deep with him and his crew document the brothers crimes in progress. Apprehensive at first, Max was getting a rush from doing bad things.

To put a wrench in the middle of filming is a former associate of the Newman Brothers, Lucky (Mike Mackenzie). He tells Max that the brothers are not what they appears to be. Max questions the credibility of his subjects.

This movie was amusing. Better than most of the comedies that I have seen this year. I was grinning throughout the movie. The brothers were hilarious. This movie felt like it was improvised, which is a good thing.

I did have problems with Max. I know that he is supposed to be the self-indulgent annoying documentaerian like Michael Moore, but at times he was too much for me to take. I wanted to mute . It was the voice that got under my sking.

Lastly, the ending was a bit of a WTF moment. I cannot disclose it, but it was like a slap in the face to me.

Rating: ***1/2


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