Wrong Turn (2003)


We are never going into the woods again!

— Scott

On a whim, watching Wrong Turn was a session of visual torture. In the mood for a horror film, this film was a different kind of horror. It’s surprising that money was spent on the pile of excrement.

The slapdash plot takes place in West Virginia, where Chris Flynn (Desmond Harrington), a medical student running late for a seven o’clock at night interview when he takes a “wrong turn” and crashes into another car.

The other car is also stranded when barbed wire flattens all of their tires. It belongs to Francine’s (Lindy Booth), mother and has her boyfriend, Evan (Kevin Zegers), other couple, Scott and Carly (Jeremy Sisto, Emmanuelle Chriqui) and Jessie (Eliza Dushku).

They try to find help when the group is stalked and picked off one by one by a group of inbred cannibalistic hillbillies; Three Finger (Julian Richings), Saw-Tooth (Garry Robbins) and One-Eye (Ted Clark).

The movie was claustrophobic and not in a suspenseful way. It was tired. It does not anything new to display. Everybody knows that the lead person is going to live, and all of the supporting people are going to die a horrible death. The storyline is not interesting. It’s contrived.

The movie is predictable. You can see the “frights” coming from a mile away. It’s an awful movie all around.

The performances were atrocious across the board with Harrington’s deadpan delivery. It made you wonder if he was a zombie. Dushku was the same in every role that she is in. Boring. Sisto was spaced out cowboy that got on my nerves. Chriqui was blubbering mess that when her time came. I was happy. Booth and Zegers were fine cause they were killed first.

A pointless movie.

Judgment: The only way that you could enjoy this movie is rooting for the inbred killers.

Rating: *1/2


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  1. Gotta agree with you on this one. I was in the mood to be scared and truly attempted to give this film a fair shot, but I’m in fact surprised I even made it to the anticlimax ending. You hit this one right on the head. If I want to see a movie involving inbreeding, I’ll just watch Deliverance.

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