Dragonball Evolution (2009)


Now the signs have appeared again, the evil has returned. Only one chosen warrior has the power to defeat this threat.

— Master Roshi

Universally panned by critics and industry insiders before it was released, Dragonball Evolution is a movie that is a prime example of the bastardization of a beloved property.

Familiar with the original source material, the anime series Dragonball Z, nothing could get me excited for this live action feature with Goku played by Justin Chatwin. This is as atrocious as it gets like Speed Racer.

The paper-thin plot involves Goku (Chatwin) as a teenager being raised by his grandfather Gohan (Randall Duk Kim) to learn the ways of inner strength. On his birthday, Goku receives a gift. It is a magical orb called a dragonball, which holds mystical powers that combine together with six others can grant the person one wish.

Lord Piccolo (James Marsters) is an evil space alien that was sealed away in the bowels of the Earth for two thousand years breaks out, which was not explained. He seeks to gather all of the dragonballs to exact his revenge on the Earth.

Piccolo will go to any means necessary to get his hands on the dragonballs. He kills Goku’s grandfather in the process.

Goku teams up with Bulma (Emmy Rossum), a tough biker chick that looked like broken down harajuku girl, to recover a dragonball that was taken from her. Before his grandfather dies, he tells Goku to seek Master Roshi (Chow Yun-Fat) to learn how to harness his power from the universe to defeat Piccolo.

This movie was laughably bad. Some sequences had me laughing aloud. The dialogue was awful. The side gags were painful to watch. The bad guy was barely in the movie for anybody to be in real peril.

It was a joke. After the movie bombed at the box office, the news came that a sequel in the works. Why?

Judgment: If you want to laugh your ass off with shitty dialogue, crappy characters and awful CG, by all means, check this movie out.

Rating: *1/2


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