The Brown Bunny (2003)


I’m not going to be okay, Bud.

— Daisy

The Brown Bunny will live in cinema history as “the worst film to be ever shown at Cannes.” Those were the immortal words of well-respected film critic, Roger Ebert ‘s take on Vincent Gallo’s directorial debut when it was shown there in 2003. This lead to a war of words between Gallo and Ebert.

I wanted to see this movie to see what the fuss was about. Is it the worst movie ever? No, probably top ten.

Bud Clay (Gallo) is a mopey,  introspective motorcycle racer that is taking a cross country trek from New Hampshire to California. He is drawn to have closure with his lost love, the crack whore, Daisy (Chloë Sevigny).

His journey is marred with him trying to replace Daisy with different women; Violet, Rose, and Lilly (Anna Vareschi, Elizabeth Blake, Cheryl Tiegs) that has disastrous results. When the lovers finally meet, there is the infamous un-simulated scene where Daisy is blowing Bud. After he comes, it is revealed that she is a ghost. What? That sequence doesn’t make any kind of logical scene. As a matter of fact, this whole movie doesn’t make sense.

My take on this movie is that this is not even a movie. This is self-indulgent crap presented as an arthouse fonder. The camerawork is shaky, out-of-focus, and grainy. Lens flare galore with some saturation, trying to make it harken back to the seventies. Gag me.

Where was the fucking microphone? Was it even present? I thought I had a defective copy of the movie. No. Turning up the volume to full blast, I still couldn’t hear shit. Get a fucking camera with a mic built in! Something.

There was barely any dialogue in this movie. Just moments of utter silence, Bud’s face, Bud’s face in the mirror, Bud’s eyes, the road, road signs, the bumpers of vehicles ahead of him, and people looking longingly at each other. What the fuck?

I am trying to understand the motives of Gallo. Was he trying to convey the mundane moments of Bud’s life? I need answers.

Judgment: A big waste of time. An abysmal movie. I want my hour and half back, Mr. Gallo. You fucking hack!

Rating: * (I wish I could give this a zero.)


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