Chéri (2009)


I can’t criticize his character, mainly because he doesn’t seem to have one!

— Léa de Lonval

Just came from seeing Chéri. Hearing mumblings of this movie over the past couple of weeks, I was pleasantly surprised that it was playing at my local theater. I wanted to see it. It was a pleasant cougar story from the turn of the century.

Léa de Lonval (Michelle Pfeiffer) is a infamous French courtesan that is trying to get out of the industry. She is getting older. She wants to have another profession, and not depend on young suitors to make her bed warm.

The life of a courtesan is a lonely existence with the majority of your friendships are other courtesans. Léa is frenemies with Madame Charlotte Peloux (Kathy Bates), who flitters around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Léa becomes enamored with Charlotte’s son, Fred (Rupert Friend), who she affectionately calls, “Chéri”.

It is an unwritten rules that a courtesan cannot fall in love with any of her suitors, but Léa does. They live together for six years until Charlotte discloses to Léa that Fred would get married to the virginal Edmée (Felictiy Jones).

The movie is not the best of the year. The costumes, the set design and Michelle’s nuisanced performance are the highlights of this film.

This movie turned the typical costumed romance of its head with Léa wearing pants and Fred wearing her pearls.

Judgment: If you want to see an enchanting movie about a May/December relationship, check this movie out.

Rating: ***1/2


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