FB Rant: Are You the Everyman Superhero Type?


Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, Captain Excellent, The Green Lantern and The Flash!



The follow rant may contain some  coarse language that is directed to Warner Bros, Martin Campbell, Ryan Reynolds and his representatives. Don’t let the kiddies read any further.

As many of you know from reading my posts over the past couple of months, I love Ryan Reynolds. He is even on the front of my Facebook profile.

Also, there were my numerous tweets about the speculation about who will be Green Lantern; Nathan Fillion, Brian Austin Green, Anton Yelchin, Chris Pine, Sam Witwer, Shawn Roberts, Jard Leto, Henry Cavill, Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake.

Over the weekend, I heard that Bradley, Ryan and Justin were the finalists. Yesterday, I heard that Ryan snagged the role. He does looks more like Hal Jordan, but isn’t he just type casted as the superhero type?

Earlier this summer, Ryan shined in an otherwise pile of elephant shit, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Now, he is in active development on the spinoff for his character, Deadpool aka “The Merc with the Mouth” that is slated to be released in 2011.

Ryan is also playing a superhero is an independent film called Paper Man. A movie that stars Jeff Daniels as a struggling author with writer’s block that has an imaginary childhood friend named Captain Excellent. Nobody knows when that movie is coming out.

Now that Ryan is the new Green Lantern, I have to pose the question. Is he being typecast? He cannot be his smart-alecky self as Hal Jordan. It will not work. What is going to happen with the Green Lantern and Deadpool movies coming out in the same year? Wouldn’t they be tired of Ryan as every superhero to ever exist?

I heard rumors that Ryan is set to play The Flash. It is set to be released 2011 as well.

Is he spreading himself too thin? Maybe he should play Captain America so he could be in The Avengers movie with his wife, Scarlett Johannson. Let him be Ant-Man, The Green Arrow, Aquaman and every other superhero that was ever created.

I’m sorry for the fanboy response here, but isn’t that move going to backfire on Ryan. Him playing multiple superheroes at the same time.

I am looking out for the best interest of Ryan. He is spreading himself out two thin. I am hesitant about the news. I just have to see it to believe it.


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