Tell No One (2006)


8 years ago, Alex’s wife was MURDERED. Today… She e-mailed him.

Tell No One was the talk of film critics such as Richard Roeper that it was one of the best films of the year. It was highly rated on Metacritic with a score of 82.

It took two years for this film to reach American shores. I can see why. It’s a generic thriller that drags in a snail’s pace. I need to discuss the effed up ending in the spoiler section of the review.

Based an the international best-selling novel by American Harlan Coben, writer/actor/director Guilliaume Canet adapted this thriller into “Ne le dis à personne” that went on to win four César awards, the French equivalent to the Oscars.

Alex Beck (François Cluzet) is practicing pediatrician that is still mourning the tragic loss of his beloved wife, Margot (Marie-Josée Croze) almost eight years previous. The bizarre circumstances around her death and him being thrust into a coma has the police placed suspicion on him.

Near the eighth anniversary of her death, Alex receives a link in his email account. He clicks on it and sees video of a woman that appears to be his dead wife.

Alex tries to see if that was Margot or his mind playing tricks on him.

The tricky thing about thrillers is that when you reveal every thread of the plot, you lose all the dramatic thrust of the story. The movie began in such on slow pace. I did not feel that it was a satisfying thriller. It was very generic with a “WTF” ending that makes you scratch your head.

Judgment: Maybe the remake coming in 2011 improves the pacing issues of this movie.

Rating: **1/2


I had a real problem with some the plot devices in this movie. Everything in this section is not in sequential order in the film. Bear with me.

I want to get to the “real” ending of the mystery when Margot is beaten up by the pedophile, Phillippe Neuville (Guilliaume Canet) and she shoots him. She didn’t go to the police to say that she was beaten and the shooting was in self-defense. She has to leave to get the heat off of her and her father, Jacques (André Dussollier).

Why did Jacques kill himself after the confession to Alex?

Are you telling me that Gilbert Neuville (Jean Rochefort) hires some thugs to kill the photographer, Charlotte Bertraund (Florence Thomassin), plant the gun in Alex’s house to frame him and then try to kidnap him in broad daylight? Say what?

What was up with Bruno and his partner? They happen to be following Alex and the creepy kidnapper van with guns drawn and shoots everyone, including that Amazon that takes two shots in the back and continues to walk down the sidewalk before collapsing?

What the hell is the foot chase? A man that smokes could out run a couple of cops? Are you kidding me? He goes into the middle of rush hour traffic, like Human “Frogger”, and comes out unscathed. The cops could not cross the same beltway. What?

Why did Alex when he gave the cops the slip? He calls Bruno in the dumpster. He doesn’t know if the cops are still in that alley.

Why the hell would Alex visit that gang of thugs with Bruno and that other guy? He goes to pick a fight with them. Is he insane? They could have popped a cap in his ass right then and there.

This movie was over-hyped to no end. It’s a shame.


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