What Happens in Vegas (2008)


You should never let a chick get in your head; that’s why I prefer not to even talk to my dates.

— Hater

You know when you see one part of a movie that is mildly amusing? My part was when Lake Bell punches Jason Sudekis square in the balls. That’s it. I know that it was for this movie, What Happens in Vegas. Let’s just say that was the only funny part of the movie. This is Fox Studio release. Nuff said.

The threadbare plot of the movie centers around a slacker, Jack (Ashton Kutcher) that was recently fired from his carpenter job by his unsupportive father (Treat Williams). The other part of this equation is Joy (Cameron Diaz), a competitive stockbroker that is vying for a big promotion. She is dumped by her fiance, Mason (Jason Sudeikis) in front of their friends at his surprise party.

When their lives do to the shitter, sepearately they decide to go to Las Vegas. They end up getting married after a night of drinking. The next day with a wicked hangover, Jack hits the three million dollar jackpot with Joy’s quarter.

They fight for the money in court when the judge (Dennis Miller) orders them to make the marriage work for six months before filing for divorce. They could split the money.

The movie turns into the The Odd Couple. It was so ridiculous. I did not buy the Kutcher/Diaz chemistry. They are just pretty people onscreen.

The cookie cutter romantic comedy formula is getting tiresome. Give the public something different!

I do not understand that a couple that is pissed out drunk could get married, even though they are not lucid enough to remember the event the morning after, but people have a problem with gay marriage. This is the kind of blatant disrespect that they should address.

The only good thing about this movie besides the nut-punch is Ashton being shirtless throughout some of the movie. That’s it.

I said my peace.

Judgment: After watching this movie, I feel like a game of Russian roulette to end my misery.

Rating: *1/2


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