Otto; or, Up with Dead People (2008)


The living all seem like the same person to me and I don’t think I like that person very much.

— Otto

Otto; or Up with Dead People was a recommendation from Jason Adams from my new plaid pants. I am always looking for experimental films that pushes the boundaries of cinema, but this effort from writer/director Bruce LaBruce is pretentious garbage.

In his big screen acting debut, Jey Crisfar plays Otto, a new zombie that is stalking the German streets. The movie began as more of a documentary of Otto when a underground art house director, Medea (Katharina Klewinghaus) and actor, Fritz (Marcel Schlutt) recounts Otto’s demeanor during the filming.

It changes into a “walk trip” motif with Otto offering voice-over commentary about his life as a zombie. He walks down the streets seeking zombie sex from strangers.There is one instance when a trick takes Otto home they have sex and the next instance is the guy’s blood all over the walls. The “victim” said it was hot and said if he could get his number. Otto had the blood all over his clothes and the next scene, he is completely clean.

Medea employs her girlfriend, Hella Bent ( Susanne Sachße), who is always in a silent film tint, her brother, Adolf (Guido Sommer) to document Otto for her film, “Up with Dead People”, which is a zombie political porno film that has Fritz and another actor, Maximilian (Christophe Chemin) in it.

During the filming of the movie, Otto is getting flashbacks from when he was a human to his boyfriend, Rudolf (Gio Black Peter) until something tragic happens.

There are instances that make you scratch your head. There are some WTF moments. There is lots of zombie sex. I would like to know. Why is it when a fag gets bashed they have crazy animal sex afterward?

I believe when a movie has unsimulated sex, it is trying to hide a lackluster story. Trying to pique the interests of the viewer. My interest was piqued, but I was left unsatisfied like a fake Meg Ryan orgasm.

I understand that the movie is trying to give the allegorical parallels from being a zombie to being gay. You look like an eyesore on society that needs to be wiped out. The music was distracting and awful. Was the movie trying to make fun of artsy-fartsy movies? Was it taking itself seriously? I can’t tell.

Judgment: If you want to induce a head splitting migraine, watch this movie.

Rating: **1/2


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