Definitely, Maybe (2008)


Dad, I can’t believe you smoked… and drank… and was such a slut… But I still love you.

— Maya Hayes

Being a huge fan of Ryan Reynolds, I wanted to catch up with some of the movies that I missed in the past couple of years. On the recommendation from Laremy Legel at, I watched Definitely, Maybe. It is a romantic comedy with hidden mystery element in it. It was written and directed by Adam Brooks. This movie is a refreshing take on the genre.

Reynolds plays Will Hayes, an ad agent in New York City that receives divorce papers from his wife, Sarah. When he goes to pick up his child, Maya (Abigail Breslin) on his visitation, he learns that her school introduced a sex ed class that none of the parents knew about it.

On the walk home, Maya bombard Will with questions of sex and pregnancy. Maya questions about her mother and who her mother is. Will doesn’t want to go down that road with her, but Maya insists.

When Maya is about to go to bed, Will begins to tell her about his dating history. The action flashes back to 1992 when he worked at the New York office for Bill Clinton when he was running for president. He leaves his college girlfriend, Emily (Elizabeth Banks) back in Wisconsin. She wanted him to take a package to her old friend, Summer (Rachel Weisz).

His intern friend, Russell (Derek Luke) wants him to open the package. He does and it turns out that it was Summer’s diary. They read the diary to each other and they find out that Emily and Summer hooked up.

Being the “coffee guy” at the office, he finds solace with the copy girl, April (Isla Fisher).

Will recounts that himself being interested in all three of the women.

When the identity of mother is revealed. The movie takes an awkward turn, but I enjoyed myself despite that.

Ryan and Abigail were fantastic. I was so surprised to see Kevin Kline come onscreen wearing only a bathrobe. I was gitty. I don’t know why. Him playing Summer’s older boyfriend, Hampton Roth was so great.

Judgment: If you want to see refreshing take on the typical romantic comedy, I would suggest this movie in a heartbeat.

Rating: ***1/2


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