Superbad (2007)


You know when you hear girls say ‘Ah man, I was so shit-faced last night, I shouldn’t have fucked that guy?’ We could be that mistake!

— Seth

Before seeing Greg Mattola’s latest movie, I wanted to revisit another movie of his that at first I hated with a passion at first, Superbad. I saw a bootlegged version of this movie that one of my relatives had and I watched it. I was turned off by the movie after five minutes.

No normal teenage boy talks like this. I was a teenager once. Teenagers talks about sex about ten percent of the time. They talk about clothes, movies, video games, cars, shoes, hair cuts, etc. I decided to let that go.

This is the first produced screenplay by the team of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

The main focus of the movie is about three high school friends; Evan (Michael Cera), Seth (Jonah Hill), and Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) trying to get alcohol into a party at Jules’ (Emma Stone) house.

The movie is not complicated. It’s like a road trip movie, but not. It like the new millennium’s version of American Pie.

I have never laughed so hard in my life. The scenes with the penis drawings, Fogell going on patrol with Officers Michaels (Rogen) and Slater (Bill Hader).

I did have some problems with period joke. The endless barfing scenes. I could deal without them. We get it. People are drunk. Let them pass out, piss on themselves, something.

Judgment: If you want to see drunk teenagers trying to get laid, see this movie.

Rating: ****


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