KNOW1NG (2009)


The numbers are the key to everything.

— John Koestler

Seeing as though this is billed as a Nicolas Cage vehicle, I wanted to stay away from this movie as possible. I heard that the ending was a big WTF and a lot of people wanted to know what it means. I saw Knowing and I have some questions about the ending. I was discuss it in the spoiler section after the jump.

The movies starts in 1959 with Lucinda Embry, a peculiar young girl that writes down a series of numbers on a piece of paper for a time capsule that was supposed to be buried in front of the school.

Fifty years later, the capsule is dug up with the contents of it is distributed to the children in the crowd. The letter that contain the numbers is handed to Caleb (Chandler Canterbury) who inadvertently takes it home.

His father, John (Cage), an MIT professor discovers it. He scans the page to see the date of 9/11 and the number of victims from that day. As he drinks heavily throughout that night, discovers that the numbers are a sequence of disastrous events that will lead to the end of life on Earth.

John is trying to reconcile the scientific aspects of the numbers and his waning faith about spirituality, fate, predestination, free will, prophecy, meaning of life.

As he becomes more involved with the incidents, he enlists the help of Diana Wayland, (Rose Byrne) and her daughter, Abby (Lara Robinson) to figure out what can be done with the end of days.

This movie was uneven. The beginning of the movie, I was bored. The action sequences were good, but the CG was awful. The acting was bad. I felt so sorry for Rose. She was underused in the film.

Judgment: If you last thirty minutes of the film were stretched throughout the movie, I would have been ten times better.

Rating: **1/2


If you have seen the movie, I want to discuss the ending in the comment section. I want to understand why does it need to be in there.

The big reveal is that the world will end by a gigantic solar flare that will destroy the ozone and incinerate everything on the Earth.

At the end of the movie, when the “whisper people” brought John, Abby, and Caleb to the field, they reveal themselves to be either aliens or angels. We are not sure. They want to only take Caleb, Abby and those two bunnies with them on the ship.

Then, the Earth is destroyed at the last shot of the movie in the two kids running through an Earth-like planet towards a glowing tree with several ships in the background.

I knew that there were some bibilical overtones to this movies, but it was blatant symbolism. Caleb was Adam. Abby was Eve.  The glowing was supposed to be the Tree of Life. The planet was supposed to be Eden. The aliens/angels? were so to be God.

Okay. If the other beings, just wanted to have the template of what happened at the Garden of Eden, they why did they have the numbers in the first place?

If the other beings cannot save the Earth, why do they just want the pure children to start over again, but they would let the adults die an excruciating death?

It doesn’t make sense to me. I thought it was so convientant that John was the son of a preacher man. They believe in Heaven, Hell, the afterlife and John questions it. They both die together hugged up.


Can somebody help me with the missing pieces?


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  1. I have a 2 questions myeslf. I’ll answer yours first.
    Your answer:
    The human adults probably aren’t dying an excruciating death… I think that if they die like that, God/Aliens/Angels give them a life in heaven, no matter what they did, in exchange.
    My questions:
    1. If those two men were ‘good’. Then why was Lucinda Embry bleeding in the closet?
    2. What was with the rocks?

    • Remember when the teacher took away Lucinda’s pencil before she could finish the sequence. She hid in the closet and she carved the last remaining numbers with her fingers.

      I believe the rocks are a sign that something ominous happened or was about to happened ala “Blair Witch”.

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