Cash Back (2006)

Director: Sean Ellis

Rated: R


“This is the haunting period. The time when the demons of regret come for you.”

Hello all! My name is Mike, and I’m new here, so nice to meet all of you!

I generally don’t dabble with the movie scene, but as an avid viewer, I decided to partake on this journey with you all.

All I ask is that you be gentle, as I said, I am new with all of this. With that said, comment freely and critically on my reviews. I try to be honest and I want the same from you. It’s the only way we get better at what we do!

So, without further adu:

I decided to peel back a few years ago to 2006, and grabbed this little surprise that I recently ran over about an artist, his heartbreak and how his world came crashing to a hault, literally!

Ben Willis (Sean Biggerstaff) is in a load of trouble. How is an art student with a broken heart and insomnia supposed to cope with the hazards of loneliness and depression?

After breaking up with his girlfriend, Ben suddenly finds himself unable to sleep and wondering, “what do I do with an extra eight hours on my hands?” In the nightly hours as his body becomes restless and his mind unable to release the image of his screaming girlfriend.

With the thoughts of his ex- racing through his mind, Ben decides to start working for a supermarket on the night shift, where he spends eight hours counting away the minutes with a cast of quirky characters, each having learned how to pass the time(including some spectacular scooter races down aisle 6).

Ben learns to use his artistic imagination to stop time. With the blink of an eye the people around him freeze, and he is able to study the curves and beauty that lies within everyone. But particularly he takes to a cute checkout girl, Sharon (Emilia Fox), who may unlock the secret to Ben’s insomnia.

(Spoiler alert, don’t wanna read, turn away now!)

Okay, so the ending is predictable, the two end up together. But the way Ben is able to blow her mind is potentially on the edge of amazing and creepy. But look, the guy is able to freeze time, and being an artist, he has always been blown away by the female form (seeing a Swedish exchange student who was nothing if not modest). So he is able to sketch and capture those he has stopped in time and bring their beauty to life on canvas. You may think this is creepy and stalkerish, but he was able to bring beauty out from the lines and surfaces of each model.

This movie has a subtlety to it, and an inner beauty I really looked for. I has read some reviews saying both good and bad things about this movie, and I was intrigued and trust me I was not disappointed. There lies a connection with Ben as most have gone through an emotional time like a break up, and we’ve all wanted to curl up and disappear from the world. That’s what Ben did, and director/writer Sean Ellis was able to portray it to a T!

For more of the plot, visit .

I would recommend everyone that is old enough to handle mature scenes (nudity, language, the movie is rated R) should watch this movie twice (the second time to get the real feeling for all those subtle things I mentioned).

Rating: 4 stars!

So get on it!


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