Die-ner (Get it?) (2009)


Last week, I was reading through a blog that I frequent, LAMB. I caught an article about a movie that needs some reviews to get a distributor, Die-ner (Get It?)

I contact the one of the producers of the film, Seth Martin to get a screener of the film. It arrived at my house yesterday afternoon. I decided that after I watched the latest episode of Fringe — which was so good by the way– that I would watch the movie.

This movie begins with a conversation between the South African waitress, Rose (Maria Olsen) and Ken (Josh Grote), a customer in a roadside diner near a truck stop. They wax philosophically about life and the circumstances that they find themselves in.

Before the main titles come up, Ken kills Rose and the short order cook, Fred (Jorge Montalvo) and stuffs them in the freezer.

Before Ken could do anything to the people in the freezer, a car pulls up. An unhappily married couple, Rob and Kathy (Parker Quinn, Liesel Kopp) walk into the diner to sort out the state of their marriage.

Ken poses as a server to butter up his potential victims.

A patrol car pulls up, Duke (Larry Purtell) talks to his deputy, Jessie (Daniel Schweiger) before he goes into the diner for a cup of coffee.

The customers wonder why there was nobody else in the diner until Duke sees Fred walking around the kitchen.

They realize that the diner is in the middle of a zombie feeding ground. Everything descends into madness.

This is wonderfully campy movie with classic lines, spooky organ music, great makeup effects, genuine laughs, a man who gives an Edward Norton vibe and some poignant moments that needs to be shown to people who love indie zombie movies like Evil Dead, Night of the Living Dead or 28 Days Later…

Thank you, Seth. I had a wonderful time with this movie. Check out the alternate versions of the poster. Also, production stills and behind-the-scenes pictures of the movie after the jump.

Judgment: If you want to know more about this movie to receive a screener contact the editor of LAMB, Dylan Fields to get Seth’s email, and review the movie on your blog. Also, check out the website at www.die-nermovie.com.

Rating: ***1/2

die-ner-poster-final_13(Version #1 of the final poster)

die-ner-poster-final_21(Version #2 of the final poster)

img_8857(Maria Olsen giving the camera a bloody smile.)

ken-sees-fred(Ken is surprised to see Fred.)

picture-5(Kathy taking matters in her own hands.)

picture-8(Fred getting de-nailed.)

picture-14(Rob mourning a loss.)


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  1. Very interesting. I had never thought of writing to production companies to get screeners, hmmm.

  2. Actually, I got the screener from a LAMB posting and wrote to Dylan to get Seth’s email to get the screener.

  3. Very good Zombie flick! Cheers!

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