Shooter (2007)


Welcome to Tennessee, patron state of shootin’ stuff.

— Bob Lee Swagger

I read in an article after Mark Wahlberg got his first Oscar nomination for his role in The Departed, that he wanted to do movies of substance.

First there is the movie that I am reviewing; Shooter, then it was We Own the Night, The Happening and Max Payne. Not the best track record so far. I think he could make it up with the upcoming Peter Jackson adaptation of The Lovely Bones coming out in December.

Shooter is about an expert military marksman, Bob Lee Swagger (Wahlberg) who is abandoned in the middle of the mission in Ethiopia by his superior. In the process, his shooting partner in killed from unfriendly fire. Devasted, he retreats to the Rocky Mountains for three years until Colonel Isaac Johnson (Danny Glover) recruits him to protect the president from an assassin’s bullet.

The day of the planned assassination attempt, Swagger is betrayed by the people that recruited him. He is shot by an overweight officer, Timmons (Alan C. Peterson) and he is blamed for killing an archbishop instead of the president.

Swagger staggers out into the street where he sees a rookie FBI agent, Nick Memphis (Michael Peña), who promptly steals Memphis’ gun and his dignity. A national manhunt is launched after him.

After the incident, Memphis believes that Swagger did not pull the trigger. He tries to prove his innocence.

This movie is cross between MacGuyver and The Kingdom. If you have seen those two properties, you will understand.

There are some things that I don’t understand. Why did Col. Johnson make Swagger the scapegoat in the first place? What does Africa had to do with it?

Judgment: If you want to turn off your brain to watch explosions, the smell of napalm, head shots aplenty, then this movie is for you.

Rating: ***1/2


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