The House Bunny (2008)


The eyes are the nipples of the face.

— Shelley

While I was at the library, I flipped through the April issue of “Vanity Fair”. Anna Faris was highlighted for her comedic chops in The House Bunny and so I watched it.

Let me just say that I had a case of déjà vu. This film is a rehash of Legally Blonde. Plain and simple. This was written by the same writers, Kirsten Smith and Karen McCullah Lutz.

It starts out with the main character, Shelley (Anna Faris) celebrating her 27th birthday at the Playboy mansion. She hopes that she would be the Miss November cover model for Playboy magazine. She receives a letter from Hugh Hefner– who appears in the movie with his girlfriends, Kendra, Holly — that she had to leaves the mansion immediately.

Homeless, she stumbles upon a sorority house that is in dire straits, the Zeta Alpha Zeta House. They are in need of a house mother and thirty pledges or their house will have to close.

Even though, Shelley is not an alum of the unidentified school that she is hired as house mother.

There are some characters that were not humorous at all. There are some subplots that were ridiculous. The message of the movie is to get any attention in this world, you have to dress like a skank.

Judgment: There are some hilarious dialogue, but the story is seriously lacking.

Rating : **1/2


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  1. I too read somewhere that this film was actually quite funny. I just never could bring myself to watch it. I have a feeling your review probably sums it up pretty accurately–Some funny bits, but overall a piece of throwaway fluff.

  2. I agree, Eric. I did laugh out of loud, but the message of the movie is horrendous.

  3. Normally I find Anna Faris pretty damn annoying, but her ditzy and genuine demeanor in this movie worked for me. Besides, anytime an unattractive girl (or, in this movie, girls) gets glammed up by a smokin’ hottie and makes the big reveal, it’s worth it. Hooray, makeovers!

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