Starships Troopers (1997)

You’re some sort of big, fat, smart-bug, aren’t you?
— Johnny Rico

Starship Troopers
is a movie that I wanted to see for a long time, because it has become a cult classic to sci-fi geeks since its release in 1997. People said that when it was released that it was terrible. I would not say that it’s terrible. I have some huge issues with the movie, but it was fun.

The film is based on the 1959 novel by Robert Heinlein. The plot revolves around Bueno Aires in the near future where a trio of friends, Johnny Rico (Casper Van Dien), Carmen (Denise Richards) and Carl (Neil Patrick Harris) are preparing to graduate from high school that think about what they are going to do with their lives.

They want to enroll in the Federal Service for different reasons. Carmen wants to be a pilot. Carl wants to understand alien species and Rico wants to be there just for Carmen.

After they leave for the Federal Service, the Arachnids attack Earth and thus starts the intergalactic war.

There is so much blood in this movie. It was like a slasher film. Decapitated, mangled, split-apart bodies strewn all over the place.

Watch out for a lot of explosions of red, green, and orange.

The movie was kick ass, but I have some problems with it.

  • The teenagers were from Buenos Aires, but they were played by white actors.
  • When Carmen gets punctured in the shoulder by an arachnid, ten minutes later she is holding a gun blowing the away.
  • The dialogue was too campy for my taste. I had to laugh.
  • The romantics rivals Dizzy and Zander (Dina Mayer, Patrick Muldoon) were outrageous.

Judgment: It was a fun ride, but you have to let a lot things go to enjoy it.

Rating: ***1/2


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  1. Actually, the population of Buenos Aires is about 89% white in real life, and Argentina was the second largest destination for European immigrants after the USA, with a similar history of butchering its native population, so I don’t know why you are surprised. Most people are descendants of Italians, Spaniards, Germans, French and Brits there. Was it that hard to take 15 seconds to google the city’s ethnic make-up before writing this review?

    That being said, the point of the movie was also to show the culture there as very “American” (playing American football, etc.) to show that, in the future, globalization has led to American culture being everywhere. It’s intentionally shown that way because it’s *satire*.

    • I didn’t know know that when I wrote the review. I can’t expect to research every aspect of the movie to see if it’s accurate before putting my review up. That would be a waste of time.

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