The Warriors (1979)

Can you dig it?

— Cyrus

I heard about The Warriors ever since I could remember, but I have never seen the movie in its entirety. I heard about that the video game came out in 2005, I wanted to see the movie. Now that I have, I don’t know what the fuss it all about.

The movie centers around a one night in New York City when all of the gangs of New York City are gathered together for a summit by Cyrus (Roger Will), the wise leader of the Gramecy Riffs. They are like Bruce LeRoy clones from The Last Dragon. They wanted to have a truce for one night to discuss the territory that they are fighting for.

A gunshot is heard from withing the crowd, Cyrus falls by the hand of Luther (David Patrick Kelly), the leader of the Rogues. He is witnessed by one of the members from The Warriors, Fox (Thomas G. Waites). Luther points out that The Warriors orchestrated the plot to cause a turf war between the hundreds of gangs.

The police shows up to break the summit and arrested anybody on sight. The Riffs catches the leader of The Warriors, Cleon (Dorsey Wright) and supposedly beats him to death.

The second-in-command, Swan (Michael Beck) assumed the leadership role and orders the rest of the guys to get back to their place of Coney Island to be safe. They have a price on their head.

I thought being a movie about gangs, I thought there would be more action. It was just The Warriors running away. That’s it. The acting was was atrocious. The action sequences were few and far between. When there was action scenes, it was done badly.

The various gangs were ridiculous. They are the Orphans that are outcasts that nobody respects in Bronx. The Baseballs Furies that dress up like Babe Ruth was paint on their faces. The Hi-Hats that are mimes. Say what now? Also, The Punks, a bunch of white boys on wearing roller skates and overalls.

I wondered when watching this movie, Lynne Thigpen as the deejay reporting that movements of the Warriors from the Bronx to Coney Island, how did she know about what happened to The Warriors and the various gangs they encountered. This movie was in 1979. They didn’t have cell phones are anything.

Judgment: I don’t know if I could recommend this movie unless you want to see some bad acting, ridiculous gang outfits and horrible action sequences.

Rating: **1/2


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