Enchanted (2007)

The real world and the animated world collide.

Instead of watching the presidential address to the nation last night, I decided to watch Enchanted.

This Disney production begins with an animated sequence that is in the same vein as The Little Mermaid, Snow White and The Princess Bride. It gave the audience who grew up with Disney a little wink with some of the jokes and the situations.

Giselle (Amy Adams), the damsel in the distress longs for her one true love inside of her hallow tree in the land of Andalasia. She is surrounded by forest creatures as she made a mannequin of her love out of random items.

She begins to sing and the self-absorbed Prince Edward (James Marsden) hears her melodious song. He tries to find her. He is detracted by Nathaniel (Timothy Spall) to not let them meet, because if they marry than Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) would lose her kingdom.

Giselle and Edward do meet, fall in love and plan to be married the next day. Plans change when Queen Narissa disguised as an old hag pushes Giselle through a portal. She comes out in the middle of Times Square in New York City.

Bewildered, Giselle wanders around the streets to find her way back to Andalasia. When she sees a billboard of palace that looks like Prince Edwards, she meets a cynical divorce lawyer, Robert (Patrick Dempsey) and his six-year-old daughter, Morgan (Rachel Covey). They bring her home.

Prince Edward, Nathaniel and Pip the chipmunk fall in the portal to search for Giselle.

During the course of the film, the traits of Giselle and Robert begins to meld with Giselle acclimates to the real world and Robert not being bitter about love, especially with Nancy (Idina Menzel).

Judgment: This was a fun movie. I had some genuine laughs.

Rating: ****


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