No End In Sight (2007)

The American Occupation of Iraq –
The Inside Story From the Ultimate Insiders

Now that Barack Obama is the new president of the United States, I wanted to dive into the situations and predicaments that he is facing, dealing with an economy in turmoil, three wars, unemployment rates skyrocketing, and the growing recession. I wanted to see the 2007 Academy Award nominated documentary, No End In Sight, which is currently #15 on the best documentary list on IMDB.

In this talking head documentary by director, Charles Ferguson, it recounts the inept decision making to begin the campaign for Operation: Iraqi Freedom back in March 2003. It chronicles the invasion, the fall of Saddam’s regime, the occupation by the US troops, having no team to run the Iraqi government,also the limited resources to restore the peace, which lead to riots, looting, and the rise of insurgency.

This movie does not sugarcoat the blame to Donald Rumfeld aka “Skeletor” was the mastermind behind invading a country with no idea how to maintain the peace after the fighting stopped. Appointing Paul Bremer to be the head honcho in charge — stupid idea– thus fucking everything up with his controversial policies of not having a provisional Iraqi government, the de-Ba’athfication (anybody who worked for Saddam were permanently out of work) and disbanding the Iraqi armed forces.

I have never been so ashamed of my country then when the botched Iraqi war raged on. I am glad that we have a competent team in the White House that could restore some stability in Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel.

My judgment: If you want a comprehensive documentary about how Bush administration actions destroyed a nation, then watch this.

My rating: ****1/2

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