Son of Rambow (2007)

“This has been my best day of all time.”
— Lee Carter

I heard about Son of Rambow for a couple of months now. People were showering praise on this movie that was such a good movie and that everyone should see it. I saw the movie yesterday and I was bored. I am sorry. I was.

The plot revolves around the late summer of 1982 when Will Proudfoot (Bill Milner), a boy that is a part of a fundamentalist Christian sect that denounces the listening of music or watching television. One day, when he gets in trouble with a sly pickpocket, Lee Carter (Will Poulter), who bootlegs movies with a humongous camcorder.

Lee tries to create his own movies in secret with the help of Will. Being that Will has never seen movies or television, he sees Rambo: First Blood and transforms in his imagination that he is the son of Rambo.

To reiterate, I was underwhelmed with this movie. It’s very low budget and it shows onscreen. The fantasy sequences were terrible. I did not get why the troublemaker that bullies Will are friends. I don’t understand that.

My judgment: If you are into British humor, see this film. Others avoid it.

My rating: **1/2


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