Occupation 101 (2006)

After the civil war that has re-emerged in Israel, I wanted to see a documentary that would better explain the conflict that the mainstream media chooses to omit.

I wanted these questions answered: What is Hamas? What is Hezbollah? Why are the Palestinians and the Israelis fighting over land?

In Occupation 101 — which is currently by this posting is the number one rated documentary on IMDB — it answers the last question.

The documentary takes a comprehensive look at the conflict that is still raging on at this very moment. It shows the origins of the Arabs (Palestinians) occupying the land of Palestine before the Zionist Jews (Israelis) coming back to the land and take it over.

It shows the atrocities of human suffering, Jewish settlements, the military controlled occupation of Israel, Palestinian refugee camps.

Mainstream media only points out the Israelis dealing with the savage Palestinians, but that is not true. The Zionist Jews are arming their citizens with semi-automatic machine guns to take over Palestinians homes to make their own.

This runs as the same parallels as the United States treatment of the Native Americans, the Nazis with the Jews, Apartheid, the Rwandan genocide between the Hutus and Tutsis. Ethnic cleansing.

This is a one-sided perspective on what is happening in the civil unrest in the Middle East. If you want to know what is really going on, watch this documentary.

My rating: ****1/2


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