Religulous (2008)

I wanted to see Religulous when it opened back in October, but I never got the chance for some reason. It was playing at the cheaper theater here and I came with my preconceived notions about organized religion and my own beliefs. I knew that this film is not going to convert me. I wasn’t going to have an epiphany, but where am I going after I die? Nobody knows.

The three no-nos when presented in any normal conversation is race, political affiliation, and religion.

Personally, I was raised Southern Baptist. Most of my family is Southern Baptist, except for an uncle that is Catholic. I went to a Catholic church, a Lutheran church, a Presbyterian church, a Methodist church and a couple of community churches that used to be a cafeteria or something.

My belief is that I am a deist. I don’t believe in organized religion of any kind. I believe that there is a god, but He does not interfere with events happening here on Earth. I don’t believe in the Immaculate Conception, the burning bush, Adam and Eve, divine intervention and all of the miracle in the bible. The bible is loaded with hypocrisy.

Anyway, the subject of the movie is controversial comedian, Bill Maher’s take on religion and why faith is ridiculous. He is not affiliated with any religion as well. He goes across the world to find out why people believe the way that they believe. He interviews Christians, Jews, a former Satanist priest, people who worshipped cannabis, Islamics, Muslims, ex- Mormons, and ex-gays.

Some parts of this movie were fascinating to know that what if the bible is wrong. What if Jesus was a character from other divine myths in ancient history? What if the events of the bible didn’t happen?

I’m not saying that this is a groundbreaking documentary by any means. It’s nice to have the lines of communication on to people who don’t want to talk about their beliefs. I wish that Bill talked to Buddhists, Taoists, Shintoists in this documentary as well. Maybe some of those religious cults out in the desert who have been nice.

The bright spot is this doc is a Vatican priest that brushes off the teaching of the bible in a humorous way.

Check it out with an open mind.

My rating: ***1/2


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