Bolt (2008)

This movie was nominated for two Golden Globe awards last Sunday for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song. I believe that this movie should have gotten more attention than “WALL-E”. That’s my opinion.

Bolt is about an ordinary dog, Bolt (John Travolta) that believes that he is a super dog in real life, and not in the show that he is a star with Penny (Miley Cyrus). Everybody is in on the joke except for Bolt. He believes that he has the super bark, the heat vision, the super speed, etc.

One day, while filming a scene for the show, Penny is “kidnapped” and Bolt tries to save her. He inadvertently is boxed up and shipped to New York City. While there he thinks that he was put there by the Man with the Green Eye (Malcolm McDowell).

He needs to try to get back to Hollywood to “save” Penny. He captures an alley cat, Mittens (Susie Essman) that Bolt believes is working for the Man. Along the way, they encounter a hamster in a ball, Rhino (Mark Walton) in a trail park campground. Rhino is a huge fan of Bolt and he believes that Bolt is like his character in the show.

The trio continue their trek back to Hollywood and Penny. It’s so sweet. The ending is predictable. It almost makes want to have a dog, even though I hate them. That’s how much I loved this movie.

The best part of this movie is Rhino. He steals every scene that he is in. Also, the loudest laugh of this film for me was the scene when Mittens tries to teach Bolt how to beg. Classic.

Also, the incomparable James Lipton is in the film as the director of the television show. Done. It’s over. He is the best.

I’m sad that the movie did not get much box office when it was released in November. I thought this movie was much more enjoyable than “WALL-E”.

My rating: ****


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  1. Bolt was good (and a surprise) but WALL-E was a masterpiece (and exceeded even Pixar’s famous reputation for great movies). That’s why WALL-E is getting more attention, it *is* a classic that breaks down barriers between live-action and animation, whereas Bolt was simply a good animated film.

  2. This is my opinion. I enjoyed the time that I have spent with Bolt, than the time with WALL-E.

    WALL-E was a good film, but not the end all be all of the year.

    If the film didn’t have the fat people in the chairs, Buy N More and piles of trash. I would have enjoyed the film more.

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