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I know that the Oscar nominations are coming out in about three weeks. I wanted to champion those good films that deserve some recognition and not the Oscar-baity movies, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “Frost/Nixon” or “Slumdog Millionaire.”

Here my picks for the top categories:

“Frozen River”

Best Picture – Producers: Heather Rae and Chip Hourihan
Best Director – Courtney Hunt
Best Actress – Melissa Leo
Best Supporting Actress – Misty Upham
Best Original Screenplay – Courtney Hunt

“The Duchess”

Best Actress – Keira Knightley
Best Supporting Actor – Ralph Fiennes
Best Supporting Actress – Hayley Atwell
Best Art Direction – Michael Carlin and Karen Wakefield Rebecca Alleway
Best Costume Design – Michael O’Connor
Best Original Score – Rachel Portman

“In Bruges

Best Picture – Producers: Graham Broadbent, and Peter Cziernin
Best Director – Martin McDonagh
Best Actor – Colin Farrell
Best Actor – Brendan Gleason
Best Supporting Actor – Ralph Fiennes
Best Original Screenplay – Martin McDonagh

“The Dark Knight”

Best Supporting Actor – Aaron Eckhart
Best Supporting Actor – Gary Oldman
Best Supporting Actress – Maggie Gyllenhaal
Best Adapted Screenplay – Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan and David S. Goyer


Best Supporting Actor – Eddie Marsan

“Iron Man”

Best Picture – Producers: Avi Arad and Kevin Feige
Best Director – Jon Favreau
Best Actor – Robert Downey, Jr.

“Let the Right One In”

Best Foreign Language Film – Director: Tomas Alfredson

“The Visitor”

Best Actor – Richard Jenkins
Best Supporting Actor – Haaz Sleiman
Best Supporting Actress – Hiam Abbass

“Vicky Cristina Barcelona”

Best Original Screenplay – Woody Allen
Best Actress – Rebecca Hall

“Rachel Getting Married”

Best Picture – Producers: Neda Armian and Marc E. Platt
Best Director – Jonathan Demme
Best Supporting Actress – Rosemarie DeWitt
Best Supporting Actress – Debra Winger
Best Original Screenplay – Jenny Lumet


Best Supporting Actor – James Franco
Best Supporting Actor – Emile Hirsch

“Up the Yangtze”

Best Documentary – Producers: Mila AungThwin, John Christou and Germaine Wong

Here is a pick that I haven’t seen. I don’t care it’s my blog:

“The Wrestler”

Best Picture – Producers: Darren Aronofsky and Scott Franklin
Best Director – Darren Aronofsky
Best Actor – Mickey Rourke
Best Supporting Actress – Marisa Tomei
Best Original Screenplay – Robert Siegel

I just wanted to put that out in the universe. Hopefully, a good portion of my picks are nominated.


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Branden: I am just your average movie nut that reviews films. Gives his take on pop culture and Hollywood happenings. Dreams to have his own thriving website and make a living doing what he is passionate about.

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