The Fountain (2006)

In anticipation of see Darren Aronofsky’s latest film, “The Wrestler”, I thought that I would go back to a film that I did not see before his, The Fountain.

This is a film that was in limbo for a long time time because Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett were on tap to star on the film until they dropped out. Everybody was saying that this film was horrible and nobody should see it.

I gave it a chance, because the pedigree of Darren’s genius. I saw Requiem for a Dream previously before seeing this film. I knew that it was going to a wild ride from beginning to end and I was right.

The story centers around a doomed romance that spans for a thousand years. It starts in the 1600s when the Spanish conquistador, Tomas (Hugh Jackman) is summoned by Queen Isabel (Rachel Weisz) to find the “Tree of Life”. He sets off on a quest to find the fabled tree in order to marry her as his reward.

The setting flashes forward to the present day to Dr. Tommy Creo trying to find a cure for his wife, Izzi’s inoperable brain tumor. He experiments with monkeys to try to find “a cure” to her disease. Izzi is writing a manuscript freehand about the story previous installment.

Interwoven between the vignettes, the next acting takes place in the future where Tom tries to resurrect his lost love by trying to be near the tree that is spouted from Izzi’s organic matter.

This film is tough to digest. Heavy subject matter with life, death, reincarnation, spirituality. It is teaching the audience that we should not fear death. Death is a part of life. “The circle of life” as so famously quoted.

The film melds Buddhism, Christian, and Catholic imagery to get the point that life is worth living. You cannot control the inevitable. Life is finite.

This shows Dareen Aronofsky’s genius at work. The visuals were stunning. The score by Clint Mansell was beautiful and haunting.

This film is in desperate need to be seen.

My rating: **** stars.


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