Choke (2008)

I saw the trailer for this film, Choke and I was interested in it, because it has Sam Rockwell in it. He is a vastly underrated actor who was terrific in “Frost/Nixon”. I didn’t care for him in “Snow Angels.” I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. It was a mess of a movie. I was surprised that thus was based on the book by the author who brought us, “Fight Club.”

The person that directed this movie is Clark Gregg who plays Sam Rockwell’s boss. He wrote the screenplay and directed this movie. It was fine. Nothing special.

Sam Rockwell plays Victor Mancini, a medical school dropout that is working for Colonial Williamsburg with his friend, Denny (Brad William Henke). They are both sexual compulsive people trying to stay sober, but to no avail. Victor is trying to give his Alzheimer-ridden mother, Ida (Anjelica Huston) the best possible care by going to different restaurants, deliberately chokes on his food in order to get people to pay him money.

Every time Victor his mother, she thinks that he is a different attorney that is deceased. One day, she tells Victor something about his real father. Now, he tries to find his father that leads to nowhere.

After having countless sexual conquests, he meets his match when he meets Dr. Paige Marshall (Kelly MacDonald). He wants to bed her so badly, but he begins to have feelings for her. When she throws herself on him, he fails to raise to the occasion.

There are a lot of flashbacks that don’t work. There is a “J.C.” storyline that is so preposterous. I do not buy it for a second.

The movie has some funny parts to it. You see Sam Rockwell’s butt a couple of times. I would not recommend this movie to anybody. I wish that Clark Gregg would delve more into Victor’s compulsion more. I was disappointed with this movie.

My rating: **1/2 stars.


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