Schnidler’s List (1993)

After the endless craptastic movies that I have seen over the past couple of days, I wanted to see a GOOD MOVIE. I realized that my mother has a copy of the #7 movie from IMDB 250 list, Schindler’s List on tape when it was shown on NBC back in 1997.

I sat down and watched it. Is it me or is this film terribly overrated? Okay. Before you harp on me, hear me out.

My problem with the movie is the lead character Oskar Schindler’s personality. He is an unscrupulous character that when he sees the atrocities on the Holocaust, he tries to save the Jews. I don’t buy that.

I thought that the pace at the beginning of the film was very slow. The only way that saved it was when Ben Kingsley came in.

I have seen so many Holocaust movies that I am getting sick of them. I believe that if I have seen this film when it came out in 1993, I would have thought that it was best movie ever. I think this is just my bias that Hollywood is draining the well dry. Just beating a dead horse. We get it. Holocaust, bad. Jews, good. Nazis, evil.

I will say that I loved Ben Kingsley as Oskar’s accountant, Itzhak Stern. He was wonderful. He deserved a nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Liam Neeson was fine as Schindler. Ralph is Ralph. Nothing special.

The crispness of the cinematography. I loved it. It felt like a noir film. The lighting, the shadows. Great.

I just have to say that my tolerance for these movies is waning. I have seen so many that it’s like it has been done before.

Maybe the film is showing it’s age. Maybe it doesn’t hold up. That’s my opinion about this movie.

My rating: *** stars. (Up to review at a later date.)

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  1. I respect your opinion, and I certainly need to re-watch this film in light of your observations, but I have a couple of issues with what you said:

    1.) Your main criticism is pretty strange to me. Schindler, the real life person, was clearly a flawed individual. This is no black and white screen superhero a la Iron Man or Spiderman. His initial motivation for saving Jews was not altrustic at all. He evolved into a heroic figure, despite his greed and unscrupulousness. This was a much more realistic “character” that any wholly fictional film has ever conveyed.

    2.) When this film came out Ralph Fiennes was a more or less unknown actor. This film put him on the map, and still serves as the standard by which realistic evil is defined on film. Fictional caricatures of evil (The Joker and Hannibal Lecter come to mind) are nothing compared to Amon Goeth. How can you dismiss the actor and the character so quickly?

    Still, given what you said, I’m interested in re-watching this to see how it stands the test of time in a post 9-11 world.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Len, I know that you think I’m crazy not loving the film.

    I guess because I did not see the film when it came out in ’93.

    I supposed that my hang ups with the film would not have been present.

    Maybe in a couple of years, I could revisit this movie and see a different side to it.

    This was Ralph Fiennes’ first American film it left a good impression that gave him an Oscar nomination.

    Perhaps my opinion could change over time.

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