Primer (2004)

I heard about this movie, Primer, getting a whole lot of critical acclaim when it came out in 2004. It was nominated for four Independent Spirit Awards and it won the Grand Jury prize at Sundance.

This movie was first-time writer/actor/director, Shane Carruth’s first feature film. It hears about the premise of movie, but I never got the chance to see until last night. This movie is a trip.

It stars Shane and David Sullivan as Aaron and Abe. They are entrepreneurs that are making a machine that may revolutionize the entire world. I’m sure people heard that they are making a time machine.

It’s all about the law of psychics, the space time continuum, the laws of nature. They are bending it to make themselves rich and famous. As like anything that messes with the laws of nature, consequences have to happen.

At the beginning of this movie, I was completely lost with them talking about quantum physics, metaphysical phenomena and all that. The dialogue was overlapping and being wiped out in a rapid pace. My head was spinning at the first half of the film, then it got very interesting when they are tweaking with the machine.

Ultimately, they are trying to right a wrong from the past and it’s not going the way that they want.

I would recommend this movie. It’s very heady, but leaves you questioning what just happened. It had endlessly repeatability moments.

My rating: ***1/2 stars.


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