Australia (2008)

I watched Baz Luhrmann’s latest effort, Australia last night. I hears that this movie was given mixed reviews. I can understand why the critics are not too keen on this movie.

I have watched Baz’s “Red Curtain” trilogy. I am quite a fan of his stylistic take on his films. Moulin Rouge is my favorite by far.

He wanted to make an sweeping epic love letter to his homeland. I love the visuals of this movie. Unprecedented. Unparalleled. But there are some problems with the pacing of the film. It needed some trimming. I was really bored in certain sections.

People are saying that it was two movies in one. I disagree. I think that it was three movies in one. It’s part-western, part-romance, part-WWII war movie.

I thought that the WWII element was completely unnecessary to propel the story along.

People are dissing Nicole Kidman lately. It’s not her fault. In the beginning of the movie, she is supposed to be very annoying and an ice queen. She has a transformation from the Lady Sarah Ashley in the first moments of this movie to her motherly nature at the end.

I have to say that the villain in the movie, Neil Fletcher(David Wenham), was SO evil that he didn’t have any redeeming qualities about him. He was like a cookie-cutter villain from the Bond franchise or something.

The little Aboriginal boy, Nulla (Brandon Walters) was fantastic in this movie. This being his first feature film ever. Wow. Check out the scene with him and the cliff. Magnificent.

Lastly, there is a scene that will go down in cinema history like when Robert Redford is washing Meryl Streep’s hair in Out of Africa. There is a scene in the first fourteen minutes of this movie where Hugh Jackman playing the Drover is soaping himself up. He pours a bucket of water all over himself. Totally orgasmic. He missed a couple of spots when he did that. I wanted to wipe the rest of it off of him.

This was a fun ride. Needed some trimming, but go for the visuals. Truly stunning.

My rating: *** stars.


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