SiCKO (2007)

After I have woken up from my nap, I wanted to see Michael Moore’s film, SiCKO.

I was nominated from the Best Documentary Oscar last year. It was well deserved.

Whether or not you are a follower of Michael Moore, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that he brings topics to the forefront. For this latest outing, he covered the health insurance crisis in America.

I knew going one that I thought the American health care system was not great to the typical American. I, for example, do not have health insurance. Even when I was employed, I did not receive any health insurance coverage.

In this film, you didn’t see Micheal Moore onscreen until halfway into the documentary, which is a good thing. Sometimes he could be a little full of himself with some of his facts and evidence, but he does put out a convincing argument.

It delves into the people that are not covered getting dumped on the sidewalk. People who have insurance are repeatedly denied by their providers in order to get more money. CEOs are killing people so they could get richer.

It also says that places like Canada, England, France and Cuba have universal health care. We don’t. Politicians are saying that it’s socialism. You have people that are dying because of people’s incompetence.

Also, I have to point this out. I saw a news story a couple of weeks ago about the France health care system and their way. It might be all well and good for the patient, but it’s not good for the government that is footing the bill. France, in question, is in massive debt because people from other countries are coming into their hospitals and get the care in an exponential rate.

Is universal health care good for America? I can’t answer that. Something needs to be done about the deplorable conditions that it is currently in.

My rating: **** stars.


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