Nosferatu (1922)

After I was disgusted with Paranoid Park, I wanted to see Nosferatu. This was my first silent film ever and I knew that it might not be my cup of tea.

If you are going to see this movie, don’t do it at night. I was nodding off about halfway through the movie.

I did not hate this movie. I guess hearing the music and all made me sleepy.

I have an aversion to movies made before 1950. I don’t know why. I’m trying to open myself up to different genres, different areas and different time frames.

Check this movie out. It creeped me out.

My rating: **** stars.


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Branden: I am just your average movie nut that reviews films. Gives his take on pop culture and Hollywood happenings. Dreams to have his own thriving website and make a living doing what he is passionate about.

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