W. (2008)

I bit the bullet. I got the chance to see “W.” last night. I heard different people praising this film for their sympathetic depiction of out 43rd president, George W. Bush, and others criticized it for not bashing Bush for being a complete dumb ass that he is.

I agree with the latter of the criticism. When I heard that Oliver Stone was going to the story of out sitting president, I was psyched. I wanted a public lashing, but all we got was a hodgepodge of snippets from Bush’s past and recent present to make up this movie.

I was bored. Truly. This is not the Oliver Stone that I know and I love. As of late, I am really disappointed at his movies. Anybody remember “Alexander”? I rest my case.

I won’t totally trash this movie. I will say that the casting was great. Such an all-star cast. The Brolin praised in deserved. Yes. Also, people were dissing Thandie Newton’s performance as Condi Rice. I didn’t think it was horrible. I have seen some dreck in my time.

I think that this film suffered from being rushed in order for it to come out before the election. I hope that Stone’s next film is better than this.


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